"Arch" cage with opening door ladder for easy and secure access to the outdoor play area. Sides opening doors for easy installation of an outdoor nest, bathtub, acrylic feeder, etc. Frame, doors and bars made of reinforced metal for longer life. Door lock with push of a button for quick and safe opening. Food storage and other accessories at the bottom.

Internal Dimensions about 56x41.7x75

Ideal for small songbirds, small and medium-sized parrots.

"Arch" cage roof play-top. External Dimensions 60Χ42Χ154

SKU: W118
  • With opening  Door to exit to playground.

    Pachinidotopos with  feeders and metal  construction for placement of hanging employment toys

    Arch for more activity and employment of your bird

    With 2 extra opening windows for installation of nest, outdoor bathtub, acrylic feeder etc

    Assembly instructions in Greek

    Gift hanging wooden toy  for the immediate employment of your bird

    Overall dimensions: about 60  x 42  x 154  from  (Μ  x Π  x Υ). Internal dimensions of the cage: approx.