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"Heart" type cage with opening roof for easy and safe exit of our little friends, with space food storage and other accessories at the bottom.

Ideal for small songbirds and small parrots.

Internal Dimensions about 43.5Χ33Χ81


"Heart" cage with open roof. External Dimensions 46Χ35Χ162

SKU: W110
  • With opening roof.

    Assembly instructions in Greek

    Free hanging wooden toy worth 15 euros for the immediate employment of your bird

    Overall dimensions: about 46 x 35  x 162  from  (Μ  x Π  x Υ). Internal dimensions of the cage: approximately 43.5 x 33 x 81 cm  (Μ  x Π  x Υ)

    Ideal for small and medium-sized birds. The spacious interior offers plenty of space for your winged pets.

    The 3  steps , the 1 cot , the 4 plastic bowls for food / water, the opening roof  and the extensive space offer the animals optimal breeding conditions.

    Optimal for any apartment. Stable  with easy movement thanks to  practical 360-degree wheels.

    The extra shelf under the cage provides extra storage space.

    Safety for your birds:  The  wire gap  10 mm  prevents birds from being trapped.  The large number of doors allows easy and comfortable access to the cage area.

    Robust and durable. The sturdy frame and metal wire clad in  surface with special paint, provides great protection  in the rust and wear of time.

    Plastic dirt collection boats are especially important for easy cleaning and rust protection compared to metal boats.

    Handles for easy and safe transport of the cage. The removable base allows you to move the cage separately in case this is necessary (eg ... interruptions).

    * The product is shipped unassembled  in boxes and  with assembly instructions in Greek 

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