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Terms of Use, Payment, Shipping


You can place your orders in the following ways:

1. Through our online store, according to the products you have placed in your online shopping cart.

2. Via e-mail (, where you will tell us the product code and your details (Name, Address and Telephone), so that we can contact you and process your order.

3. Via facebook on our respective page  where you will tell us the product code and your details (Name, Address and Telephone), so that we can contact you and process your order.


For the convenience and service of all those who wish to buy from our store, we have the following payment methods:

1.Cash on delivery

After completing your order, our store will prepare the order and send it to the address you gave us and upon receipt of the parcel you pay the amount of your order.  (Note: The amount of cash on delivery is not  you calculate the total amount but it is written in the notes).

2. Payment by Deposit in a bank account

After completing your order, you will be given the bank accounts of our company, to which you will have to deposit the payment amount. Your order will be on hold until the completion and confirmation of your deposit in our account and will be canceled if 10 days have passed from the date of completion of the order.


Immediately after the completion of the order and within one day, if the product is available, it is sent to the address you have indicated to us. The receipt of the parcel can be done by courier, transport, depending on the weight of the order.

Complaints policy

Our company deals with customer complaints with special attention and understanding and takes care to provide solutions as soon as possible.

Order cancellation

If immediately after the completion of the online order and before the shipment of the products, you change your mind and do not wish the products you have chosen to be sent to you, contact us via

Return Policy:

The consumer has 14 calendar days to return the product he bought  and replace it with another product of your choice or with the same, provided that the product has not been used and is in the state of receipt (packaging).
The cost of new shipping / replacement of the product is borne by the customer, regardless of the amount of the order. for any product return, you must first notify us and send photos of the product
  at e-mail: The return of the receipt / invoice is also necessary.

Obligations of the supplier for defective products

The customer is entitled, within the legal timeframes and regardless of the right of unjustified withdrawal within fourteen (14) days of the provisions of Law 2251/1994, to exercise his statutory rights due to product defects, by submitting a direct request to the email

In case of defect, you can contact our company and receive all the necessary and necessary help directions and information.

Data Security
  ensures the details of registered account holders from being used by unauthorized agents. The account is accessed using unique and individual codes that only the holder knows and constitutes the identity of the account.
The personal data of all customers are used, based on law 2472/97, exclusively for the execution and proof of their orders. This data is not transmitted to third parties.

This website is the intellectual property of It is illegal to copy, reproduce, modify part or all of the contents of this website without prior written consent.

ID card  company

Name: kingkongcages

VAT number: 125589692


Headquarters: GLAFKOU

Product pricing
The prices listed on
  include VAT  for buyers within Greece. Prices can change unilaterally based on the judgment of our company.

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